Kylie Jenner’s Lips Look Absolutely Massive (and a Little Scary) in New Selfie

We know she’s only a kid, but it’s hard not to call out Kylie Jenner for being something of a hypocrite, or—at the very least—an attention-seeker of the highest order. Last month, the reality star got annoyed that the world is talking about her massively inflated lips—the same lips she keeps posting to social media. “How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao,” she wrote on Twitter. “Let’s get a our lives together guys and talk about some important sh-t,” she added. “Just talk about something new at least. I’m bored.”

For someone that doesn’t want anyone talking about a body part that’s so inflated it’s seemingly trying to rival her half-sister’s moneymaker (Kim Kardashian‘s butt, in case you’re still half asleep), Ky sure is busy posting photo of it.

Behold an Instagram snap she put up last night—a close-up of her face with lips so enormous and dark, that we actually got a little queasy.

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

Sure, a lot of it is makeup—sis Kim told UK beauty blog Pixiewoo that Kylie is a fan of lipliner. “She draws her lip… and it looks amazing. She only wears a lip liner, and then she fills it in. She doesn’t wear a lipstick or a gloss.” But let’s all cut the crap and get real for a hot second. There’s no lipliner on earth—unless it was filled with industrial-grade helium—that can turn the below girl into the one above. Sorry.

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