Kylie Jenner Fails at Lip-Syncing in Video

Kylie Jenner Fails at Lip-Syncing in Video
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With Kanye West as her brother-in-law and Tyga as her ex, music should run in Kylie Jenner‘s blood by now—or at least she should know the words to her friend’s song. Yet the 19-year-old reality star managed to flub up the latter when she tried to lip-sync Madison Beer’s “Dead” in a Instagram video. (And we’re being generous when we say “tried”—Jenner’s lip-syncing skills are closer to someone slightly moving her lips than the expertise of a pro.)

In the video, fans can see the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, dressed in a mesh white dress, mouthing along to the chorus of Beer’s newly released pop song. While Jenner is serving killer selfie face in the clip, viewers can quickly see that she knows about 2 percent of the lyrics. As the beat drops, Jenner can be seen hesitantly moving her lips as she struggles to find the right words. (But, hey, at least she looks good, right?)

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As superfans of the makeup mogul know, Jenner and Beer (you know, that girl who earned a record deal after Justin Bieber tweeted a video of her singing) have been close friends since their early teen years. Though the stars haven’t been posting much about each other lately, the lip-syncing video, captioned “baby girl @kyliejenner” with a heart eyes emoji, seems to be from Beer’s Instagram story, so it’s probably safe to assume they’re still in touch. (On a side note, if you’re going to send a video of you lip-syncing your friend’s song, maybe brush up on the lyrics beforehand.)

While Jenner is huge on Instagram (94 million followers and counting!), it doesn’t look like she has a promising career on It’s alright, we’re all born with different talents.

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