Kylie Jenner Casually Poses in Lingerie on Instagram

Kylie Jenner Casually Poses in Lingerie on Instagram
Photo: Wenn

Kylie Jenner posed in a black lace bra and a leather jacket on Instagram last night, thinly veiled as a Kylie Cosmetics ad. “Kyshadows on my eyes & Brown Sugar on my lips,” she wrote, in case anyone wanted to replicate the look by going out and buying some eyeshadow—er, Kyshadow—and a Lip Kit to complete their leather-jacket-and-bra ensemble.

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Girl’s got to keep busy somehow. Back in L.A. after all New York Fashion Week and all of the excitement that came with it—getting stuck in an elevator, attending the Yeezy Season 4 show, gallivanting about at the city’s best parties—her mansion(s) must seem a bit boring in comparison. So, lingerie on Instagram. We get it, Kylie. Makes perfect sense.

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