Photoshop? A Wart? People Are Freaking Out About Kylie Jenner’s Leg in This Photo

Photoshop? A Wart? People Are Freaking Out About Kylie Jenner’s Leg in This Photo
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First things first—the facts: Tyga posted a racy shot of Kylie Jenner on Instagram yesterday, in which the young reality star posed in a bikini on his lap. Business as usual in the world of Tyga and Kylie, so—nothing too shocking there. But eagle-eyed followers noticed a couple of strange things about the photo, and they were quick to point them out online.

“tf is wrong with her leg LMFAOOOOO,” one IG user wrote, while another posted, “Photo shop much.” It wasn’t just the size of her right leg that irked people online, though—they also wanted to know what was going on with her right knee. “What is protruding from her knee that looks like a nipple,” one person said, while another simply posted, “check her knee though.”

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OK, one thing at a time. As to the Photoshop rumors, sure—at first glance, Jenner’s right leg does look significantly slimmer than her left. But a good, hard look at the pic shows that most of her right leg is just hidden behind Tyga’s, so—sorry, haters.

As to the knee—we really couldn’t figure out, as that one user so eloquently put it, TF was going on with what seemed to be a growth of some sort. Some sites debunked the questions by saying that the “growth” was simply the tip of a plant, which is in soft focus in the foreground. This may be a bit like the dress situation, because we could not see this “plant” until someone in the office helpfully pointed it out, and now—we can see it, but we’re still not sure if that’s really what it is.

In any case, we’ve helpfully circled the plant or whatever, in case you don’t have someone at the ready nearby to come and assist you. And with that, we conclude this regularly scheduled Kylie Jenner bulletin. Myth debunked. Though we’re still not really sure what kind of “plant” looks like that.


Photo: STYLECASTER / Instagram / @kinggoldchains

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