Can Kylie Jenner Even Get Her Knit Bikini Wet???

Bella Gerard
Can Kylie Jenner Even Get Her Knit Bikini Wet???
Photo: The MEGA Agency; Adobe.

Technically, swimsuits are meant for, well, swimming. But I think we all know that a good chunk of bikinis on the market these days aren’t designed with an afternoon at the beach in mind. You definitely don’t want to splash around in the waves in an itty-bitty top that could lead to a potential nip slip—and those trendy strappy suits are almost guaranteed to give you weird tanlines. All this to say the obvious: Sometimes, bathing suits are better on the ‘gram than at the beach. Kylie Jenner’s knit bikini is Exhibit A.

If I had to describe Kylie Jenner’s style, it would be Very Trendy and Very Sexy. Our girl isn’t one for the classics; she thrives on having the coolest designer bags and the trendiest crop tops in the game. And she’s definitely down to show off her figure as she shows off her OOTD! That’s why Jenner’s swimwear game is so strong—a bikini is the ultimate way to show off both her grip on the hottest trends and her fire figure.

Still, Jenner’s latest swimsuit has me a little perplexed. I know neutral, boho crochet bikinis are a thing, but this chunky knit pink and red checkerboard string bikini doesn’t even seem waterproof.

I mean, am I wrong? There’s no way she can play with Stormi in the pool in that thing! Or, maybe there’s a waterproof lining on the inside and I’m a fool. Or (more likely) perhaps Jenner posed in her Insta baddie suit and then changed into one that was a little more pool time friendly. I mean, she’s wearing tons of gold jewelry in the photo—including some gorg gold hoops and a Rolex, NBD—so she definitely wasn’t ready to jump off the diving board, if you know what I mean.

To be clear, I love Jenner’s look! I live for her daily ‘fits and her vacay wardrobe is always especially strong. And now that summer is just around the corner and I’m shedding my sweatpants for swimsuits, I could use all the inspo I can get!

Earlier this month, Jenner rocked another statement-making bikini, this one a ribbed high-neck top with skimpy high-side bottoms in a sunny yellow hue. While it might seem completely different from the knit pink and red checkerboard moment, both suits tell me one thing: Jenner is very into textured swimwear. Skip the classic slippery nylon/lycra blend and go for something unique this season.

If you don’t like Jenner’s picks but you’re still in need of some trendy swimwear inspo, simply click over to any of her sisters’ pages and you’ll find a myriad of looks to copy. This season, Kim Kardashian is especially into monokinis, while Khloé can’t stop styling her string bikini tops upside-down for a whole new look. Talk about innovative!

Still, Kylie wins in my book for best beachy style, whether she’s on the actual beach or poolside in Palm Springs. Hell, she’s the reason I convinced myself I needed a sarong! Now that’s influence.

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