Kylie Jenner’s B-Day Gift to Jordyn Woods Is Unreal

Kylie Jenner’s B-Day Gift to Jordyn Woods Is Unreal
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What did you get your best friend for her birthday? A candle? Some lip gloss? Dinner? Maybe you went really extravagant and bought her a sweater or something? Well, you’re doing BFF gift-giving all wrong, and Kylie Jenner wants you to know that. Because she got her friend Jordyn Woods a $14,600 Cartier Rainbow Love bracelet last night for her 19th birthday, according to ET. Try topping that.

Last year, Jenner bought Woods a $70K Mercedes convertible for her 18th b-day, so this isn’t exactly her first go-around in the world of opulent gifts. But the moral of this story is obviously you’re not a true friend unless you get your pal a car and a super-expensive bracelet for her birthday, duh.

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Jenner then led the gang in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and just about lost her shit when she thought Woods was going to blow out the candles without making a wish. “Make a WISH!” she screeched. And wish Woods did.

They rounded things out with not one, not two, but three cakes—normal, same—and Jenner finished things off by sticking her finger into the icing and licking it off. Just like everyone else’s birthday party this year, except totally not. HBD, Jordyn!

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