8 Questions for Kylie Jenner’s Biggest, Most Tattooed Fan

Yesterday afternoon, while doing my usual scan of the Internet, I came across a handful of stories about a Kylie Jenner super-fan who decided to take his adoration to a very permanent level and supplement his giant tattoo of the reality star’s lip kit logo with another one that features the infamous lipstick set’s color swatches down the length of his arm.

Not that out of the realm for a dude whose Instagram bio declares Kylie Jenner his “religion”—we ink our bodies with religious insignia all the time, right? Yet, while scrolling through his feed, I couldn’t help but think about the time my best friend Alyssa told me she was getting New Kids on the Block wallpaper in fifth grade and we stop speaking for weeks because I asked “what what happens if you stop liking them?”

She swore she’d be a die-hard NKOTB’er for life—she’s now in her 30s and, spoiler alert, could care less about the ’90s boy band—but it’s hard not to think about the consequences of extreme fandom.

That said, the 18-year-old Wisconsin-based mega-fan—aka @itsjohnnycyrus—seems to be nothing if not in it for the long haul. He currently has 59,000 Instagram followers and posts daily about the youngest Jenner, while also spreading the love on his YouTube channel.

Because I’m fascinated by his level of commitment—and how, in 2016, being a fan can translate into becoming a brand—I reached out to Johnny with 11 quick questions. I only got replies for eight, but c’est la vie.

When did you first become obsessed with Kylie Jenner?
When she started making her KEEKS!!! Those gave me life!

If you were to go on ‘Cooking with Kylie’ what would your dream meal be to make?
Her famous tacos!!! They honestly look so good!

What is it about Kylie that you respect/love so much?
How confident she is with herself!

Apart from the tattoos, what else have you done as a tribute to Kylie?
Flew to Orlando to show support to her for her grand opening of Sugar Factory, lol.

Put the Kardashian sisters in order, from most to least favorite
My order goes: Kylie, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and then Kendall!

What would be a perfect day spent with Kylie?
Just relaxing and making a nice dinner 🙂

What other celebs are you this loyal to? Any?
I love Miley Cyrus!!! She’s everything.

Have you ever met Kylie?
Yea! Three times now 🙂

Let the record show, I also asked three more questions that Johnny chose to ghost—Why do you think she’s been wearing so much Von DutchDo you think Tyga’s good for her? If she weren’t with him, what other famous guy would you like to see her with?—but I totally get his not wanted to stir the pot and risk the wrath of Kylie.

And about those tats—they’re extreme, sure, but also kind of beautiful, too.