Kylie Jenner Dispels the Fairy Tale That Life Improves as You Age: ‘I Don’t Believe in After 30’

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, women turned 30 and life continued on just as it was before, only even better, because they were still capable of everything they could do in their 20s, like have kids and get married and get promotions, only now they felt more comfortable in their own skin and with their bodies and their minds. As far as Kylie Jenner is concerned, that is a total fairy tale. In a recent interview with Paper mag (on which she’s the mildly creepy cover girl), the reality star proclaims, “I don’t want to start [having] a baby when I’m 30! I don’t believe in after 30—I don’t know.” From the mouths of babes (or 18-year-olds, same difference): The trappings of life after 30—”I don’t know.”

She does, however, know quite a bit. For starters, she knows exactly what she wants. “Business-wise, I would love to have a really successful cosmetic line and then family/personal-wise, I’d like to have a really big family and a farm,” she said. So she’s got that all figured out. Might be hard to chill on a farm in stilettos—the daggers of the shoes would really sink into the dirt, but she’ll figure it out.

By the way, all these answers were addressed via Instagram DM, which proves that the nail in the coffin of communication has landed—even Paper doesn’t get face-to-face time anymore. (Maybe just some FaceTime.)

Obviously, millennials are going to hell in a handbasket, and Jenner shall be the driver of such a vehicle. (They’ve got flying cars now; why not winged, hell-bound handbaskets?) But before you throw your phone across the room, keep in mind that Jenner is only 18. That makes her a millennial, but it also makes her a teenager. Did you have everything figured out when you were a teen? For that matter, did you know a damn thing? No, obviously not; but you thought you did.

She does redeem herself a bit, though: She reads. Oh, wait. No, never mind: She reads … Pretty Little Liars. “Probably the books that I loved the most and read the fastest were the Pretty Little Liars [series], if we’re just talking about a fun one,” she DMed. “I think that’s what got me into reading, and I read literally every single one so fast and that’s all I talked about all the time. I’d be like, ‘They need to have a show or a movie!’ And then they got a show and it was the happiest day of my life.” But Kylie, the show or movie is never better than the book, everyone knows that!