The Internet Is Roasting Kylie Jenner for Wearing Half of a Sweatshirt

The Internet Is Roasting Kylie Jenner for Wearing Half of a Sweatshirt
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Kylie Jenner has worn some envy-worthy looks over the years, but a recent outfit consisting of half—actually, more like a third—of a ripped gray sweatshirt, isn’t one of them. The Internet is having a field day roasting the 19-year-old for stepping out in what looks more like a sweatshirt necklace with sleeves than a complete article of clothing.

The epic-level roasting began on Monday when the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared a photo of her wearing the severely distressed sweatshirt to Instagram. She flaunted the look again on Snapchat, where fans could get a clearer view of her outfit. From the looks of things, Kylie’s ensemble consisted of a taupe tank top underneath a (very) ripped Harley Davidson sweatshirt—but considering that Kylie pretty much tore off 70 percent of it, who knows what the original piece looked like?

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Naturally, the Internet had something to say about Kylie’s, ahem, questionable look. Many fans slammed the reality star for sporting such a tattered piece of clothing when she makes millions a year.

“@KylieJenner you’re rich and you can’t afford the bottom half of your sweatshirt?” one person tweeted.

Another added, “BREAKING NEWS: Kylie Jenner struggles to afford rest of sweatshirt!”

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While some concentrated on her income, other fans just roasted Kylie for wearing a downright ugly top.

“Ily but what’s the point [of] that sweater,” a fan said.

Another commented, “Something went wrong with that shirt. Maybe a cat came and distressed it right before the picture.”

“What the hell is she wearing. It looks like she got it from a trash can. Not cute at all. Time to throw both ‘shirts’ away,” one more follower added.

While we love a good DIY, we’re going to have to go with the Internet on this one. Who’s with us in starting GoFundMe to find the rest of Kylie’s sweater?