Kylie Jenner & Drake Are Low-Key Hinting At a Relationship on Instagram

Kim Wong-Shing
Kylie Jenner
Photo: Shutterstock.

The Kylie-Drake saga continues! Just when fans were knee-deep into the mystery of whether Kylie Jenner and Drake are an item or not, boom: A bunch of clues about Kylie Jenner and Drake’s relationship on Instagram. File this under “Far-fetched but also convincing.”

First, let’s acknowledge that the rumors about Kylie and Drake have been all over the place lately. Is she dating Drake to make ex-boyfriend Travis Scott jealous? Did Drake brutally friendzone her after she spent Thanksgiving with Travis? Who can say for sure?! Drake is a long-term family friend of the whole Kardashian-Jenner fam, making all of this even more confusing. The line between “male buddy” and “f*ck buddy” is blurry right now, especially since neither Kylie nor Drake seem at all interested in clearing up the rumors.

Fans have turned to ~drastic measures~ to crack this case, and you know what that means: semi-obscure but also very convincing Instagram theories. Both Kylie and Drake have posted photos recently that, fans say, contain subtle evidence that—if nothing else—the two are at least hooking up.

The first clue: A photo of Drake, wearing a hoodie and a hat while drinking out of a plastic cup. It looks innocent at first glance.

But Drake’s hoodie says “Sierra Canyon.” That is the name of, uh, Kylie’s elementary school (also the only school she ever attended, as she was home-schooled afterward). Plus, if you look at the brim of his hat, it has a huge kiss mark on it, and Kylie is known for her lipstick… See how the dots are connecting?!

Kylie also posted a photo of two new vending machines at her office. One of them dispenses champagne, and champagne is Drake’s whole thing—his Instagram name is @champagnepapi.

Hmmm. Fans in the comments definitely assumed that these photos are hints at a romance, but for now, the theory is just that: a theory.