Kylie Jenner Shut Down a Body-Shamer Who Said She Looked ‘Better’ Pre-Baby Weight

Kylie Jenner
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Trolls, be gone. Kylie Jenner responded to body-shaming over her post-Stormi baby weight, and she has no time for haters. The response came after a fan account, @kyliesnapchat, posted an Instagram photo of the Kylie Cosmetics founder at a Sugar Factory event in Las Vegas in 2017. The post led users to comment about how different the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star looked three years ago. “(Yeah, cause it was three years ago.)

“wow she’s so skinny here,” one user wrote, according to a screenshot by @commentsbycelebs. Another added, “she was better.” That’s when Kylie had enough and shut down the body-shaming. In a response to the comments, Kylie explained that her body looks different because she gave birth to her daughter, Stormi, more than two years ago. “I birthed a baby,” she wrote. Plain and simple.

In a 2018 episode of KUWTK, Kylie opened up about how difficult it was to adjust to her new body after she gave birth to Stormi, her 2-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. “Nothing in my closet fits me,” she told her older sister Kim Kardashian at time. “I’m getting rid of stuff that I just feel like is never going to fit me. I know I’m not going to fit into a [size] 25 jean ever again.”

She continued, “I’m just feeling a little insecure. I feel like my hips have just spread. My favorite jeans, they’re never going to fit me again. I feel like some people don’t get it. Some people are just body-shamers.”

Like the big sister she is, Kim told Kylie to pay no attention to her critics and to focus on her precious moments with Stormi, especially at a time when her daughter was so young. “I know it’s like, really early and Stormi is so little but you just have to roll with it. You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance,” Kim said.

Kylie responded, ““Honestly, you do inspire me a lot. If Kim can do it, I can do it.”

Love this sisterly bond.

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