Kylie Jenner Completes Transition to Human Barbie in ‘Flaunt’ Magazine

Waist-length blonde hair. A shiny, hot-pink swimsuit. An L.A. dream house. Yes, it appears Kylie Jenner has fulfilled a longtime goal: Become Barbie.

That, anyway, is the theme of her new photo shoot in Flaunt magazine’s Cadence issue. Kylie shared photos of the shoot yesterday on her Instagram where’s she’s wearing a platinum-blonde wig along with all the usual Barbie accoutrements. Though, she’s also wearing the infamous ’00s Juicy Couture pants, and in her Instagram of the look, she captions it with lyrics from the ’90s “Barbie Song” — “life in plastic, it’s fantastic” — which seems about right.

Check out more photos from the photo shoot below.

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