Kylie Jenner and Tyga Have Reportedly Split (Again)

kylie tyga breakup 2016


Love can be a fickle, fickle thing. Sometimes it’s on. Sometimes it’s off. And sometimes your boyfriend’s ex becomes your brother’s fiancé and gets pregnant, and things get #weird. But the weirdest thing of all is that isn’t even the reported reason Kylie Jenner and Tyga have called it quits in perpetuity. Except they didn’t use that word, because, c’mon.

TMZ reported the breakup this morning, saying it happened right before the Met Gala. It would explain why the two didn’t walk the red carpet together, though Kylie was apparently angry Tyga had the nerve to go the event at all. But she underestimated his nerve. Over the weekend, Tyga brought a model to his Mother’s Day brunch because revenge is sweeter over avocado toast.

Still, we don’t entirely believe the pair is done done.They’ve reportedly been together since 2014, a lifetime in teen years, though they didn’t go public with the relationship until Kylie turned 18 last summer. We’re sure her Snapchat will reveal the truth soon enough.