Kylie Cosmetics Keeps Sending Out Empty Containers, and People Are Freaking Out

Kylie Cosmetics Keeps Sending Out Empty Containers, and People Are Freaking Out
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Picture this: You’ve ordered a Kylighter from Kylie Cosmetics, and you’re counting down the hours until it arrives. Perhaps you’re on the USPS website, tracking your package obsessively. Shipping generally takes three to six business days within the U.S., so maybe you were bracing yourself for a six-day waiting time, but it came in a speedy three. You rip open the packaging, beside yourself with excitement to try the reality star’s glowy product on your own cheekbones at last.

And then—disaster strikes. You open the box, only to discover that there’s no product inside whatsoever. It’s an empty package. The mirror may be intact, but there’s an actual empty hole in place of the shimmery powder you ordered. Nooooo.

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Unfortunately, that nightmare situation has been a reality for some Kylighter purchasers. And, of course, because this is 2017, they’re out there tweeting about it.

At least one user found that tweeting her frustration was actually a smart move. After she reached out to Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup company apparently made things right with her, and promised to send a new Kylighter. (We should hope so!)

“I guess if you get enough retweets and likes they’ll send you a new kylighter…?” she tweeted. After her original post, the company reached out to her and said, “We saw your post about your empty Kylighter on Twitter. Our customer service team emailed you last night and we’re sending out your replacement first thing this morning! We’ll send a tracking number over as soon as it ships. X.”

All’s well that ends well, we suppose. Of course, it would be even better to get a full Kylighter in the first place, but—nothing’s perfect.

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