Kyle MacLachlan Talks Wine, Girlfriends And David Lynch

Bee Shyuan
Kyle MacLachlan Talks Wine, Girlfriends And David Lynch
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Kyle MacLachlan may be part of the Sex and the City saga, but contrary to his staid and waspish character, Trey Macdougal, real-life Kyle is far more warmly entertaining. The actor showed off his storytelling prowess at Cole Haan, Common Cents and The Moth’s literary night at City Winery by kicking off things with a true tale aptly about wine.

The bottled stuff apparently has served MacLachlan well in life. A drink or two helped his first ever relationship with a girl named Heidi go smoothly. “We would go on picnics together in cemeteries they have excellent privacy. And we would drink a bottle of Blue Nun, this very sweet stuff from the Seventies. Then Heidi would lay out on the blanket. She gave new meaning to full-bodied.”

If teenage romance wasn’t the lesson learner, MacLachlan also got a big break in Tinseltown courtesy of David Lynch and a bottle of Chateau Lynch. “David shoved my Blue Nun aside and introduced me to Sophia Loren. Now that’s talking really full-bodied,” the actor joked.

Sexual innuendos aside, the night also featured award-winning author Colum McCann, hilarious The New Yorker regular Adam Gopnik and wise-beyond-her-years NYC middle school student Gabriella Camacho.

The pint-sized storyteller made the evening with her vivid experience fighting off a brain tumor at age 7. Talk about putting things in perspective.

One hundred percent of proceeds from ticket sales benefitted childrens charity Common Cents.

All photos courtesy of Denise Ofelia Mangen