Ksubi Celebrates 10 Years Of Skinny Jeans With ‘Gang’ Inspired Fashion Show

Kerry Pieri

Ksubi’s ‘One Via Zero’ Collection.

With the high-rate of beloved fashion brands shuttering or filing for bankruptcy in this dour economy (See: Phi, Rock & Republic), reaching the 10-year mark isn’t only cause for celebration but a big sigh of relief.

Denim brand Ksubi, who counts Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen as fans, is one of the esteemed rarities that has clocked a decade in the fashion industry. Dan Single and George Gorrow, co-founders and directors of the brand, went back to their hometown of Australia for the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week to commemorate the milestone with their first fashion show in three years.

“This is where we started, this is where all our friends and family are that have helped us along this amazing journey,” Single explained.

“Doing it somewhere else would be like having a wedding and not inviting your friends,” added Gorrow.

The collection titled One Via Zero was styled by Harper’s Bazaar’s Brana Wolf, a renowned stylist and editor who was named one of Forbes magazine’s
eight most powerful fashion editors in America.

Wolf’s talents have not gone unnoticed by Ksubi‘s founders. Gorrow gushes about the stylist, saying, The opportunity to work with Brana is an honor, as she has been an idol of ours for many years.”

The designers looked towards unexpected inspiration for the collection, which counts late Seventies/early Eighties transgendered model Teri Toye as a reference, and examines the dichotomy of male versus tough female vibe.

“We looked at gangs and gang insignia. Anything from scarification used by different indigenous cultures across the world, through to more recent references from various street subcultures,” Single explains.

“The collection is totally unisex, and we have tried to design a very androgynous and uniform look,” Single added.

The brand has had its well-documented ups and downs over the years, overall though, the designers attribute their success to something quite simple giving the ladies what they want. Or as Gorrow simply puts it: “We make skinny jeans with attitude that make girls look sexy.”

It’s a business model that’s worked 10 years running.

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All photos courtesy of Ksubi.