Kristin Cavallari is ‘On With Alexa Chung’


Last season’s Hills finale may have potentially been the most drama we’ve seen on “reality” TV in months. Between Heidi and Spencer’s wedding, Lauren’s surprise appearance at the ceremony and the even more surprising pop in by familiar Laguna Beach drama queen Kristin Cavallari, we think it’s safe to say MTV made the right decision bringing Cavallari back on. If only Laguna dream boy Stephen would sign on…

Lauren Conrad Kristin Cavallari was spotted leaving the MTV studios today after premiering on Alexa Chung’s It’s On With Alexa Chung (which by the way has landed Chung over 35,000 Twitter followers) to promote The Hills.

Cavallari is clearly already climbing the ladder of celebrity success, her hair looks newly highlighted, her skin is glowing and she is rocking our #1 must have for next fall: the perfect in every way, shape, stud and form Alexander Wang tote. Her striped dress, silk blazer and nude cut out bootie sandals aren’t too shabby either.

It’s a different look from the Abercrombie jean mini skirts and pink bikini tops we’re used to seeing on her.

You clean up well, K.