Kristin Cavallari Is Doing Chinese Laundry

Jessica Hoppe

Remember whenUngaro hiredLindsey Lohan to beits “artistic adviser” in an effort to boost sales? Granted, this was back in 2009 beforeLohan was at her worst, but it was still ridic — not to mention insulting to fashion prodigy and then designerEsteban Cortazar (whopromptlyresigned after being asked to “take a bow at the end of his runway show while holding Ms. Lohan’s hand”).

Well, it seems the “pairing of celebrities with fashion houses” trend is still in style. Next up: Kristin Cavallari forChinese Laundry shoes.

Eager to make a comeback after ex-fiancJay Cutler called off their engagement back in July following a full magazine spread in her wedding dress, Cavallari of reality television fame (she was onMTV‘sLaguna Beach, The Hills and is now onDWTS), is the new web ambassador for the shoe brand .

I love these inventive job titles! So perhaps “web ambassador” means they’ll give her free shoes to wear and be photographed in? Hopefully people (me included) will gossip and write about it (if so, mission accomplished).

While this team-up is by no means as absurd as theUngaro/Lohan one, to her creditCavallaridoes seem to be getting the word out. Exhibit A: Cocoperez just posted a photograph ofCavallarirepresentin‘ in a pair of the brand’sGrifter Leather boots. (Also, I’m pretty sure we just fulfilled her job requirement as “web ambassador” by getting the word out too.)

Uh, where’s my free pair of shoes? (BTW – You’re welcome, Kristin.)

[Image via Sipa]