Kristen Wiig Gets Sexy In GQ’s Men Of The Year Issue

Spencer Cain

If you weren’t a Kristen Wiig fan before Bridesmaids, I’m willing to bet you were after you saw the hilarious movie. The established funny woman has mastered the art of acting awkward and getting laughs from her audience. And while she’s always looked cute in the process, we have never seen her in anything like this!

Wiig stripped down in black lingerie for GQ‘s “Men of the Year”issue, which named her “Bro of the Year.” Her Bridesmaids costar Jon Hamm spoke about about Wiig’s ability to “go to the craziest, most grotesque places on the planet” in character, and her inspiring attitude on the set.

Wiig’s work inBridesmaids seriously proved that girls can get in on the gross-out humor too, and that frankly they’re a lot more funny than the boys! Take a look at a pic from her hot spread above and let me know what you think.

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