Kristen Wiig For Bridesmaid Of The Year (VIDEO)


Full disclosure: huge Bridezilla fan here. And as a gay man, I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time daydreaming about my Perfect Day (ahem, Boo?), but am I the only one who thinks that Wedding Dress Mania should be listed in the DSM-IV? It’s all a bit much, especially given that not everyone in this country that wants to marry can legally do so. But that’s a different post. Moving on…

Itake great delight in this trailer in whichKristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph join a host of comediennes to send up the ridiculous pressure that comes from America’s robust wedding culture. I love an all-female ensemble and no one balances physical humor with improv instincts like Wiig. I do hope they avoid some of the cliches along the way, but I will forgive them a happy ending if it means that Jon Hamm is in a few more scenes.