Kristen Turner Of Glitter ‘N Glue: DIY Gold Toe Shoes

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Kristen Turner Of Glitter ‘N Glue: DIY Gold Toe Shoes
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There’s nothing like a good DIY project to get our hearts pumping on a cold weekend afternoon. These lovely crafts appeal to our fashion-inclined minds and allow us to add to our wardrobes for just a couple of dollars — andnothing beats that.

Considering our affection for a little DIY, it’s no surprise that we’reloving Kristen Turner and her blogGlitter ‘N Glue. This fashion-publicist-turned-stylist knows exactly what willmake a girl smile — you know, like this fancy chainmail collar we’ve got for you above. Having worked with the likes ofForever 21,Teen Vogue andLucky Brand Jeans, this fashionista has the talent and natural creativity to take the latest trends and make them completely accessible to every stylista.

Luckily for us, Kristen has a couple projects up her sleeves just for StyleCaster. After teaching us how to make our very own chainmail collar, she’s back with another great DIY fashion project: gold toe shoes!

Click through the slideshow above and follow Kristen’s simple step-by-step guide to take your simple flats or heelsand turn them into nothing short of fabulous!

Did you try out this project? Snap a picture, upload it as adaily mirror and leave the link in the comments section below so we can check out your results!

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Materials: Pumps, Gold Leaf Paper, Leafing Adhesive, Leafing Sealant.

Apply the leafing adhesive to the toe of your pump. Allow about 10 minutes for it to dry and become sticky.

Lay gold leaf paper over sticky adhesive. Brush off excess gold paper.

Brush on sealer to protect the foil. Use black paint to clean up all edges.

Kristen Turner of Glitter 'N Glue!

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