Kristen Stewart’s Dark Turn In ‘Vogue Italia’

Jessica Rubin
Kristen Stewart’s Dark Turn In ‘Vogue Italia’
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Kristen Stewart is definitely having a moment. With Breaking Dawn: Part 1 about to hit theaters, a starring role in the new film Snow White and the Huntsman, and an alleged relationship withgrungy darling Robert Pattinson, it’s no surprise that Vogue Italia tapped the Hollywood starlet for an editorial in their November 2011 issue.

Smothered in dark makeup and sporting a variety of looks that range from dark, goth-inspired lace dresses and cloaks to sequined tops that, when combined with her morning-after hair give off a wasted look complete with sartorial flare, Stewart vamps for the camera like a pro.

In the accompanying interview with Barbara Zorzoli, Stewart shares her love of fairy tales (especially The Jungle Book), her secret to juggling the many aspects of her busy life and how she prepares for different roles. In an unusually candid moment for the guarded actress, we are able to engage with Stewart, gain a little insight into her life post-Twilight fame and envision her in a new role — a high fashion lady.

Click through the slideshow above to check out the pictures from Kristen Stewart’s editorial and head to the Vogue Italia website to read the full interview!

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