Kristen Stewart Wears The Pants When It Comes To Romance

Spencer Cain

Although it’s hard for me to imagine Robert Pattinson committing to anything besides buying a new carton of cigarettes, apparently he’s head over heels for his rumored GF Kristen Stewart and frustrated by her nonchalant ‘tude. Us Weekly reports that Robert is “desperate for affection” from Kristen, and always “worried about her leaving him.”

A friend of Kristen’s tells the mag that, “She will blow him off, and it makes him crazy.” Even though she really tries to promote the image that she’s mature and over the Hollywood scene, she’s only 21 – so this isn’t too shocking. While she may be one of the most famous faces in the world today, she’s only just getting started.

This sort of seems like a case of “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” syndrome. I’m worried that she’ll wake up one day surrounded by piles of money in some massive mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and she’ll be alone – with no hunky British vampires anywhere to stare at her all stalker-like while she snores away.

As much as all of us Twihards want Bella and Edward to succeed in real life, we have to come back down to earth and remember that they’re still young. But as long as Robert keeps trailing around like her devoted puppy, maybe they have a shot at a dramatic, Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding too!