Kristen Stewart Opts Out of a Shirt on the Red Carpet, Pants on the Street

Kristen Stewart Opts Out of a Shirt on the Red Carpet, Pants on the Street
Photo: Wenn

Kristen Stewart is giving new meaning to the phrase “clothing optional,” after stepping out in NYC yesterday sans pants only to appear on the red carpet later in the evening without a shirt. Obviously, she looked amazing on both occasions, because she is a huge badass.

Not everyone can pull off such a risky look on the street, much less on the red carpet, but Stewart’s devil-may-care persona and newly shorn and bleached hair are really working for her. Also, not everyone can wear a blazer with a pair of saddle shoes (and nothing else), but sadly not everyone is Kristen Stewart.

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At a Q&A sesh earlier in the day for her new film Certain Women, which comes out October 12, she paired a Philip Lim blazer with a Chanel tee and shoes. OK—technically she was wearing shorts, but they were so tiny as to appear MIA. Do you see any shorts here?

Fine, fine, here are the shorts. But they’re not really part of the outfit, per se. They’re just for getting in and out of a waiting SUV.

Later in the day, Stewart donned a Sandro suit and nothing else for the NYC premiere of her new film. Well, she was wearing shoes. And quite a bit of hair gel, courtesy celeb hair guru Kylee Heath.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Hats off, Stewart, one of the few people in the world who can wear (practically) no pants in one outfit and no shirt in another on the same day, and look classy and chic through it all.

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