Kristen Stewart Gets Touchy-Feely With Robert Pattinson

Spencer Cain

I haven’t really thought about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in quite some time (shocking, I know), which is why I was shocked when I saw the above photograph which took the Internet by storm this past weekend.

The fantastic couple attended a party for one of their pals, Scout Taylor-Compton, who starred alongside Kristen in The Runaways. While they were there, the notoriously press shy duo indulged in a little PDA (as you can see). One of the party guests snagged a picture (I’m so grateful), and frankly, this is the ultimate confirmation that they are actually in love.

Also of note are the red cups strewn across the table. I really hope that one of the wealthiest and most attractive celebrity couples in the world were playing beer pong. I mean, this is what Hollywood is all about. We all love a good mix of high and low.

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