Kristen Stewart Gets Flustered on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno



You’ve probably already seen the clip from The Runaways of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning rocking out to “Cherry Bomb.” Now Kristen Stewart is doing the publicity circuit to plug the March 19 release of the flick…check out her (cute? awkward?) chat with Jay Leno last night.

It’s a bit odd, perhaps, because Kristen Stewart used to appear articulate, poised and actually brilliant in conversations with hosts. When Twilight was about to release in 2008, for example, her Regis & Kelly interview stunned us with its intelligence, and we thought Kristen Stewart was the girl who would change Hollywood.

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These days she’s taking on boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s neurotic mannerisms and speech patterns, coming across as though she doesn’t know how to express herself. Is the world’s biggest romance too much for a 19-year-old actress like Kristen Stewart?(Watch how Jay Leno takes the roundabout route to asking about Rob by quizzing Kristen’s U.K. experience.)

You’ll see. She’s all leg with Jay Leno, but was he really checking out her chest? Don’t think so; that’s just not Jay. One thing we will hand to Kristen Stewart: she makes it cool to be natural. Check the video out below. If you like this, you’ll love the new official trailer for Eclipse!

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre for LimeLife.

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