Kristen Stewart Gets Digitally Enhanced For ‘Twilight’

Laurel Pinson

If you’d rather not know all the secret deets on becoming a preggo vampire wife than stop reading now.

But if you are wondering what goes into birthing the child of the most gorgeous non-human, wreckless driving, tree-climbing, rock-hard body vamp, we can tell you that ‘s a lot easier than we thought. Instead of Kristen Stewart having to stuff her face with bon-bons to look pregnant and then work it all off so she could come off as nearly dying, she just let a team of highly trained professionals digitally alter her.

“Everything was shot completely out of sequence. That made the weight loss impossible,” she explains. In one day of shooting she was pregnant, a vampire, and then back to human. She explains. “We would have had to shut down production for a couple months for me to lose weight or gain it back…”

Isn’t this just like cheating in the movie world? Isn’t gaining weight and losing it part of the job description? I mean, Matt Damon almost died and Jared Leto got really sick for their crafts — if you can’t pork it up and then starve your way to an Oscar what’s the point?

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