Found: The Coolest Statement Sweatshirt Ever (Even Kristen Stewart Loves It!)

Meghan Blalock
Kristen Stewart Goes Shopping At Chanel

Photo: Fame Flynet

What: The coolest sweatshirt ever from New York-manufactured streetwear brand Prodigal Sons with a graphic “Yes” scrawled across the front.

Why: Unlike certain other celebrities who have frequented Chanel stores in the past,”Twilight” mega-star Kristen Stewart opted for a slightly more casual look when she stopped by the store in Paris. As the newest face of the luxury brand, we have to admire the sartorial gusto it takes to walk into one of the main flagships in Paris decked out in streetwear.

We also love the cheeky nod to materialism this particular sweatshirt gives—each letter is a different money symbol: the Yen sign, the Euro sign, and (obviously) the dollar sign. It’s one of those logos that makes you scrunch your brow and go, “How come no one thought of this before?”

The irony is made all the more poignant by the fact that K. Stew wore it into a Chanel store, where most items cost a few thousand dollars.

How: You can always make like Kristen and layer this guy over a T-shirt, under a jacket, topped off with a beanie, and all the rest—but when it comes to fashion sweatshirts, we tend to prefer a much cleaner look.

For the awkward winter-spring moment, we’d wear it with a pair of skinny jeans, a leather bag, and a set of open-toed booties. Then we’d really be inspired to say “yes.”

Yes sweatshirt, $145; at Prodigal Sons

yes sweater Found: The Coolest Statement Sweatshirt Ever (Even Kristen Stewart Loves It!)