Kristen Bell’s Beauty Secrets Will Save Your Skin

Kristen Bell’s Beauty Secrets Will Save Your Skin

When you get a pimple, what do you do? Freak out? Hide under the covers? Text all your friends? Slather it in various potions? All of the above? Same, same. But it turns out Kristen Bell has her own arsenal of tricks up her sleeve—and they’re actually kind of amazing.

We knew we needed to hear more of Kristen Bell’s beauty hacks when we came across a few of them last month and immediately tried them all out. So we had a chat with her to see if she could deliver any more nuggets of wisdom—and deliver she did.

In honor of Earth Day next weekend (April 22, buy your seedlings!), Bell teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund and Tide Purclean to inspire people to be more eco-friendly in their daily lives by taking the #CleanPledge. (For every pledge, Tide donates $5 to WWF’s global conservation efforts, for a total of up to $250,000).

Speaking with us on the phone from her home in L.A., Bell told us all about her clean-living habits—and her best beauty tips.

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1. Manuka honey solves all

“It has these antibacterial properties,” Bell said of manuka honey, which she likes to use as a face mask. She leaves it on for about 10 minutes, then rinses it off with water. Bonus tip: “I wash my face with it,” Bell told us. (P.S. We’ve tried this before ourselves, to great effect!)

For exfoliation, “I throw a little sugar in” with the honey, she said. After using it as a mask or a face wash, Bell’s skin feels extra smooth. “There’s some sort of coating that it leaves,” she said. “Whatever it is, I need it. It’s almost like a protective layer.” But lest you dismay that you never have enough time to do a face mask, don’t worry: Bell only does a honey mask “maybe once a month.” Phew.

2. No, like—it actually solves all

“I’ll also take [manuka honey] if I’m feeling sick or if my kids are feeling sick,” Bell said. She’s not the only one—Kourtney Kardashian swears by the stuff as well.

3. The secret to glowing skin is in the microwave

“If I need to wake up and I don’t look awake or feel awake, I will definitely take a washcloth and get it wet and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds,” Bell said. “I think people underestimate” the power of a warm washcloth, she added. The warm cloth on her face helps her look instantly more refreshed and perky.

4. Never pick a pimple—but try this instead

When Bell gets a zit, “All I want to do is pick it,” she said. “But I’ve made a commitment to use hot compresses” instead. “A hot compress shockingly does work,” she added. “Nobody uses it but it works!”

5. Olaplex is the best

“Olaplex has definitely been a game changer as a blonde,” Bell said. When she finds herself “going brassy” between trips to the salon, “purple shampoos are really helpful,” she added. “They take out the brass from blondes in a very real and not noticeable way.” Her favorite? Bell said she particularly likes the purple shampoo from Oribe.

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