Kristen Bell’s Beauty Hacks Are Actually Pretty Genius

Kristen Bell’s Beauty Hacks Are Actually Pretty Genius
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Kristen Bell embraces the “less is more” vibe on the makeup and beauty front. And the actress has some incredibly smart hacks when it comes to looking awake, put together, and polished. For starters, she revealed her favorite mascara-application method to E!, and it sounds smart to us: “The best way to apply mascara is to use a fan brush at the tip of your lashes.” If you haven’t tried that yet, hop to it.

She also told E! that she has a foolproof way to look more awake and less puffy on tough mornings. To depuff, she exercises and “I drink a lot of water. Blood flow is the best remedy for puffiness.” We’d drink (a tall glass of water) to that.

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The laid-back star admitted that her biggest beauty indulgence is “Olaplex in between highlights,” and that she always keeps dental floss in her makeup bag, which happens to be the cheapest thing in there. If you want to try to replicate her look at home, she’s into Neutrogena Moisture Smooth lipstick in Bright Berry. “It gives the perfect flush without looking too made up,” she said.

Bell also went on the record to gush about daily exfoliation. Of all her beauty products, she said she’s been using a Clarisonic the longest. “Its mild everyday exfoliation is exactly what I need,” she added. She loves to slather on Neutrogena Extra Dry Hydro Boost before going to sleep, so—hit up the drugstore if you want to copy Bell’s routine. She even admitted that she’s guilty of picking at or popping her pimples—and that when she wakes with greasy hair, she just spritzes it with dry shampoo and heads out the door. Kristen, we love your candidness—and we basically want to head straight to the drugstore now to buy everything you use.

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