Watch Kylie Jenner Freak Out Over Her Mom’s Hermès Collection



Kris Jenner may have gotten into an accident in her Rolls Royce yesterday, but Kylie Jenner was sure to promote a business-as-usual front last night, Snapchatting her mom’s insane new closet. She started by panning her camera along one of the closet’s walls, which features a legit ridiculous number of Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags.

“You guys. Look at my mom’s brand-new closet,” Kylie said. In the background, you can hear Kris coo, “Look what you did to my closet!” This was posted around 8 p.m. EST, just three hours after TMZ broke the news of her mom’s accident.

“I’m helping her load in the rest of her purses,” Kylie added. “OK, here we go. Oh—oops! I don’t wanna hurt it. I really don’t want to hurt this,” she said, as a snakeskin Kelly bag threatened to tumble to the ground. Consider that some Birkins can cost as much as a Lamborghini, we understand her trepidation.

“I put more little ones here,” Kylie announced, placing some tiny purses on a shelf. “Wow,” someone says in the background.

Above it all, a Beau Dunn neon artwork looms, proclaiming “Need Money for Birkin,” which is pretty much perfect. You know if Kylie—the queen of luxury—is impressed by something, it’s pretty extra. Today, Kylie Snapped a short video of a massive amount of clothes to be donated, so maybe she was inspired by her mother’s pristine closet and decided to make some room. For a new Birkin, perhaps?