So, Now Kris Jenner’s Posting Pics of Kendall’s Nipples

So, Now Kris Jenner’s Posting Pics of Kendall’s Nipples
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In today’s news, Kris Jenner is now posting nudes of Kendall Jenner on Instagram. OK, we jest, but not entirely. Kris posted a pic of Kenny closing the La Perla show at New York Fashion Week, wearing a very see-through dress, and didn’t seem to mind that her daughter’s nipples were showing. “My beautiful golden goddess closing the La Perla show!! Gorgeous @kendalljenner @laperlalingerie#proudmama #nyfw17,” Kris wrote.

It’s a well-known fact that the Kardashians don’t actually see nudity amongst family members—they are too blinded by each other’s beauty to notice little things like nipples. Here’s #KewlKenny (stylist Monica Rose’s nickname for the second-youngest Jenner) and her nips in all their glory.

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We have to admit, flashing one’s breasts is just part of being a model and flitting about the fashion world, so this is slightly much ado about nothing. That said, it’s one thing to sashay down the runway sans bra in a translucent top and another for your “proud mama” to then proceed to post photographic evidence on Insta.

All in a day’s work for the family that everyone loves to hate keeping up with. Hey, at least Kendall (and her breasts) looks great!

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