Kris Jenner Took a Video of Her Smoking Weed, and Fans Are Losing It

Kris Jenner
Photo: Getty Images

It’s no secret that 4/20 is a celebrity-favorite holiday. This year, stars from Bella Thorne to Paris Jackson took to their social media to wish their followers a happy, weed-filled day. And though we know that the bulk of Hollywood are public potheads, there is one celebrity who we never expected to blaze up: Kris Jenner.

On Thursday, a day before 4/20 and Kourtney Kardashian‘s birthday, the 62-year-old reality star and mom of six shocked fans when she took a video of her smoking a huge joint, Revelist first reported. The video, posted on Kourtney’s Instagram story, featured Kris taking a puff of smoke before going on a speech about how much her eldest daughter means to her.

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The video, paired with another Instagram of Kris casually blazing up in front of a fireplace, spurred fans to go crazy over the grandma of nine smoking weed. Many fans compared Kris smoking to the shock of seeing their own moms take a hit of marijuana. Others simply related the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star to the legend that she is.

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Though it’s still unclear what Kris was exactly smoking, we like to believe that it was a huge, marijuana-filled joint. It was no coincidence that Kris was caught smoking a day before 4/20, and we’re inclined to believe that she was only pre-gaming for the big day. Add Kris to the list of celebrities we would love to blaze up with.