That Time Kris Jenner Filmed an Infomercial for $100 Spirtual Candles

kris jenner That Time Kris Jenner Filmed an Infomercial for $100 Spirtual Candles

Remember that time Kris Jenner, multimillionaire and Kardashian matriarch, appeared on TV to shill $100 candles? Neither do we, but it happened.

The budget infomercial has just resurfaced and shows Jenner in an epic pinstripe pantsuit and flicked hair. It’s unclear when the clip actually aired, but the video was uploaded to YouTube in May 2012.

Jenner’s helped throughout the clip by a few (paid, obviously) audience members and a priest—or at least a guy dressed like one—who promises “Wicks of Wisdom enhances your spirituality.”

“Once in a very long while, a truly remarkable product comes our way that challenges what we think and can dramatically improve our lives,” Jenner says to introduce the segment. By “challenges what we think,” we assume she means it counters the general pervading belief (and, um, science) that candles cannot help you find your soul mate or help you lose weight.

The clip cuts away to a handful testimonials—we know this thanks to the handy “Actual Customer” caption that appears on the screen. One woman says the candles helped her get a job. Another found love. Another says the magical candles healed her sick daughter. Yes, Dora, the candles did that. Hopefully there’s a candle that will help Jenner live this one down.

Watch the clip for yourself here—oh, and order now to get four spiritually charged gemstones, free.