Kranky Karl: 7 Celebs Lagerfeld Has Had Something To Say About

Spencer Cain

While he is indisputably a genius when it comes to the complex world of fashion and he has completely revitalized the CHANEL label back to greatness, Karl Lagerfeld is kind of a nut in every other regard. Eccentric would even be a nice way of putting it. Nonetheless, we love our Karl just the same, but sometimes his opinions go a tad too far.

Case in point: just yesterday, Señor Lagerfeld was making the rounds when a reporter asked him about massages. I’m honestly not clear on why exactly Karl was being quizzed about massages, but whatever. Every interviewer has a different style.

Anyway, being as massages are a hot topic du jour thanks to that guy who was in Grease (I think his name is John Travolta), Karl made a cute little dig at John and his alleged penchant for young West Hollywood masseurs. Oy.

This isn’t the first time Karl has had something less than friendly to say about a celebrity. Click through the gallery above for a look back at his cattier comments — and who they were directed towards.

My personal favorite is his strange attack on Heidi Klum. Sigh. Fashion designers are divas–end of story.

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