Kourtney Kardashian May Not Be Pregnant RN, But She Did Just Share a Hint About Baby No. 4

Kourtney Kardashian
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It seems like just about every other week, fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are convinced that one of the sisters is pregnant. This week is no different, but Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy response sort of is. The 40-year-old Poosh founder didn’t deny the suspicions outright, but instead offered a hint about having another child.

On April 10, Kourtney shared a photo to Instagram that got fans of the reality star talking. In it, Kourtney is pictured wearing an orange dress with an unbuttoned midsection around her belly. KUWTK fans began reading into the post immediately, trying to determine whether Kourtney’s exposed midriff was a hint at a pregnancy reveal. One commenter made the claim with little uncertainty: “You are pregnant,” they wrote in response to the post.

While others weighed in on whether or not they thought the claim was true, Kourtney herself eventually hopped into the conversation to set the record straight. Responding after one fan wrote “Nope, wish she was,” Kourtney shared, “Put the blessing out there though,” along with prayer-hands emojis.

So what does this mean for Kourt? Well, she’s already mother to three kids, so if she’s accepting “blessings” for another pregnancy, that may indicate that she’s trying for a fourth. While it may be surprising to some—especially given the flack she already has to deal with, whether it’s criticism over five-year-old son Reign’s hair, or 10-year-old son Mason’s wild TikTok’s—Kourtney has always made clear that her priority is her kids. And that may be the case now more than ever.

Following her recent fallout with sisters Kim, 39, and Khloé, 35, the TV personality formally announced her plans to leave KUWTK. Her major reasoning? Well, aside from feeling like her sisters “put the show and work above [her] happiness,” Kourt has always wanted to spend more time with her kids—and maybe even future ones.

“I realize that a lot of the conversation right now surrounds my work ethic, and I feel like I need to just make one thing clear: raising children is a job as well. In fact, it’s the hardest and most rewarding job that I have ever had,” she shared on Twitter recently.

She added, “I’ve decided to put my focus on my kids and my lifestyle brand, Poosh, which is all about finding YOUR healthy balance for living your best life. I don’t judge anyone who chooses a different route, and I hope that everyone can appreciate my choices as well.”

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