Kourtney Kardashian’s Latest Poosh Campaign Bares It All—Literally

Kourtney Kardashian.
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Nothing says beauty-care tips like a butt naked booty on Instagram, right? Kourtney Kardashian got naked on Instagram for Poosh promotion, and, well, it’s working! She’s received a lot of attention for her skinny-dipping-esque photo op in a gorgeous, glowing pool. (Props for the golden hour glow—it is perfection). And naturally, Kourt looks flawless, so we don’t blame her for using what’s at her disposal. Kardashian shared this beautiful photo on her company’s Instagram page as part of a way to highlight some tips from her lifestyle and wellness brand.

“We’re giving you all our Poosh tips for simplifying body care. Link in bio for healthier, smoother skin. #PooshTheBoundaries,” the reality star wrote in the caption. And fans are going wild. Unfortunately, most of the attention is on Kardashian’s appearance rather than her brand, but hey—it’s still a win, right?

One fan wrote, “You are the most gorgeous Kardashian.” Another simply wrote, “Natural beauty!! 😍😍.” “Gorgeous 😍,” one fan commented. While one went the pun route: “Bottoms up.”

A few addressed Poosh, however. One fan wrote, “I purchased your collagen powder for myself to treat my joints but the wife loved it more than me. Love all your posts. Thanks. -Dom.” Good for you, Dom! Another fan of Poosh added, “I love that poosh’s content is actually useful and un-complicated.”

Cheers, Kourt! Stay dry and wear sunscreen!

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