We Might No Longer Be ‘Keeping Up’ With Kourtney Kardashian…Here’s Why

Kourtney Kardashian
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She’s ready for some privacy. Kourtney Kardashian might leave Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and we’re not quite sure what to do with this information. Neither was Ryan Seacrest, apparently. An ET reporter seemingly blindsided the former American Idol judge when inquiring about the rumor that Kourtney was leaving her family’s show. The reporter explained that the oldest Kardashian daughter admitted she’d be happy to say goodbye to KUWTK. “She would?” Seacrest asked, seemingly shocked.

Though it’s mostly all rumor right now, we totally wouldn’t blame the 40-year-old mom for wanting a break. Seacrest had a somewhat awkward response to all of this, though. But we think he agrees…? He began, “Well, if the cameras go away, as long as they can come back, Kourtney. You know, they can go away for a little bit, but bring ’em back so we can do another season or two. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it.” Kind of a long winded thought there, but basically he went on to discuss how hard it must be to have cameras essentially following you around your whole life.

“They lived for over a decade with cameras following,” he continued. “I could not do it, no matter what they were paying them. I could not do it, so I give them a lot of credit for having those cameras in their lives all the time. And I love you Kourtney. Love her.”

So bottom line? He loves her. And would totally support any decision he makes. It is interesting, though, that he hadn’t heard anything about her wanting to leave until that moment. That kind of makes us think Kourt isn’t ~super~ serious about leaving just yet.

Kourtney had previously told Paper, “I always say I want to move away someday and just be away from it all. Sail away. No one will ever see me again. I keep throwing up different places, but then I’ll go there to visit and I’ll be like, ‘Nope, this isn’t it, but glad I came.’ We’ve just been to Finland. And I was like, ‘Check, it’s great for me to visit, but I’m not going to move there.’ Maybe Norway. Switzerland? I’ve got a lot of ideas.” So while Kim Kardashian and Khloè Kardashian (and definitely momager Kris Jenner) may ready for another ten years on camera, it does sound like Kourtney will want a break at some point (vacations just aren’t enough—even if she’s traveling with her sisters!). In Kourtney’s interview with Paper, she did added that she’d be “very happy” with a more private life. Perhaps that’s coming soon!

Some QT with her little ones sans cameras is probably the dream, right?

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My heartbeat.

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And you know she wants to focus more on Poosh. A little time out of the limelight might be the perfect way to combine work and family.