After Kourtney Kardashian Deleted His IG, Mason Is Already Back to Spilling Tea on TikTok

Kourtney Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images.

This kid can’t be stopped, and neither can the tea. Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason is on TikTok after his Instagram was deleted by his parents. Almost as quickly as his privileges were revoked on the latter social media platform, the 10-year-old headed to his backup TikTok account on March 26 to hold yet another live Q&A for his fans.

In his latest live stream, which you can watch here, Mason answered more questions about his family—though mostly innocent ones. At one point, he addressed the fact that he hasn’t been able to see his little cousin, Stormi Webster, 2, because of the ongoing social distancing practices that the Kardashians are following.

He also alluded to his parent’s protectiveness over his social media accounts, explaining that his last TikTok account was deleted because he was “too young” at the time. Always humble, Kourtney’s kid lamented the idea that he’d probably have around “2.7 million followers” if his old account hadn’t been deleted.

All that said, Mason’s latest Q&A was far less juicy than his last one on Instagram, where revealed that his aunt, Kylie Jenner, 22, and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, 27, were “not back together,” despite recent reports that the exes had rekindled their relationship. But let’s be real: Mason had no reason to lie, so we’re taking this kid’s comments for what they’re worth. Mom Kourtney and Dad Scott Disick, however, were less than pleased to see their son spreading family secrets for the ‘Gram.

Kourtney swooped in with the damage control after the initial video on March 25, posting an Instagram Live of her own to address the situation. “He started an Instagram yesterday and didn’t ask us,” Kourtney explained. While his account was private at the time, a follower happened to rip a clip of the IG Live and reveal his comments publically. It makes sense, then, that Kourt and Scott were worried about the consequences of their young son starting an Instagram account.

“Scott and I just felt like—he’s 10. I feel like there’s an age limit on Instagram I think it’s 13,” she added. “I think, on Instagram, the thing that really worries me is the comments. People can be so mean.”

While it’s unclear if Mason’s TikTok is still active, it’s probably only a matter of time before it goes dark. His former account was “banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations,” according to a statement on the now-defunct profile.