KOR Water Vessels


Water is essential to sustaining life and KOR built its business around this understanding. KOR is a design-driven, sustainable company that offers hydration solutions to its consumers. It engages them on water-related issues like container recycling, ocean and watershed protection, and the global water crisis.

KOR recently launched a new initiative for the Thirst for Giving™ program where each of its four colored bottles supports different charities.

Its Sea Blue KOR ONE vessel supports ocean protection with The Algalita Marine Research Foundation, the Sawgrass Green vessel supports the watershed protection with The Wetlands Initiative, Sunrise Orange supports bottle container recycling with Container Recycling Institute and the Orchid Pink vessel represents the global water crisis with Blue Planet Run.

No matter your color preference, toss those other water bottles in the recycling bin and purchase a KOR ONE reusable vessel for all your hydration needs.

KOR vessels are available at korwater.com.