Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Thinks Birkins Are For Amateurs

Spencer Cain

screen shot 2012 08 15 at 1 40 26 pm Kobe Bryants Wife Vanessa Thinks Birkins Are For AmateursBasketball wives have been in the news a lot lately, thanks to the VH1 show aptly titled “Basketball Wives,” and there seems to be a growing cultural interest in the ladies married to NBA greats. Why shouldn’t there be? They love shoes, handbags and drama (and we mean drama — if you aren’t acquainted with the insane Evelyn LozadaChad Ochocinco situation, familiarize yourself with it here).

Anyway, The Cut profiled a few of the more famous wives, including Vanessa Bryant. Vanessa’s husband, Kobe Bryant, is one of the most famous basketball players living today — and he attributes that fame to other things besides his three-point shots. A highly-publicized rape trial and countless adultery accusations left their marriage in shambles, but they seem to be rebuilding it. A motivation for staying together? Perhaps the fact that she has access to whatever she wants, and believe us when we tell you that she’s picky.

When it comes to purses, she means business, and just because it comes in an orange box doesn’t mean it’s good enough for her:

“I’ve collected Birkin bags, Chanel 2.55 jumbo flap bags, and the Marc Jacobs Stephen Sprouse collection for Louis Vuitton since I was a teenager. But now, as they say, everyone and their mom is buying a Birkin or a regular size 2.55 bag in black, taupe, or beige. I’ve been sticking to a magenta suede Proenza Schouler bag.”

Damn! We didn’t know everyone and their mom was scooping up a Birkin. Now we feel really out of the loop. Props to the Proenza boys for satisfying Miss Bryant’s needs. Maybe Nina Garcia and Vanessa should discuss Birkins over lunch!