This Clever New Social Media App Wants You to Play Fashion Police



Confession: 90 percent of the enjoyment I get from awards shows is related to social media. I mean, sure, catcalling your TV in the company of a wine glass/significant other/actual cat is fine, but throw a couple hundred clever, funny people into the mix and the experience is way more interesting.

Now, there’s a new app trying to make headway in the already crowded Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/Vine space that wants to make editing videos at home a breeze—and if you’re going to try it out, the Academy Awards red carpet might be a good place to start. Called KnowMe, the app is the brainchild of Andrew Jarecki, the filmmaker behind HBO’s hit true-crime series The Jinx (which, if you haven’t watched already, you really need to get on top of).

KnowMe lets you record videos up to three minutes long (though most clock in around the 40-second mark) and gives users the opportunity to combine video clips, still photos, and voiceover through an interface that’s easy to use even if you’re not exactly a Final Cut pro.

Having taken a look through some of what’s been produced already (which isn’t a ton yet, since the app launched in late January), the best videos involve storytelling, humor, and personality—meaning those of you out there who think you could totally do a better job than Ryan Seacrest should probably sign up immediately.