This App Is Going to Change the Way You Pick Up Your Next Date

Rebecca Suhrawardi
 This App Is Going to Change the Way You Pick Up Your Next Date

Photo: Courtesy of Knock Knock

Ankur Jain is a Wharton grad who’s on Forbes‘ “30 Under 30” list. He also may have launched an app that can change the whole dating landscape as we know it. Knock Knock, as the app is called because you knock on your phone twice to activate it, was actually designed to make managing contacts fun and easy. By double-tapping your device, your contacts are stored like an electronic business card of sorts that includes an image of the person, his or her social media handles, and where and when you met them—all in one place (finally!).

Sounds great for networking, but you’re probably wondering how this will help you with your love life. Well, there are two features in Knock Knock that lend themselves well to the world of dating: First, you can control the platforms and information you want to share with other people, so if you want a new contact (i.e. a potential suitor you’re still unsure of) to only see your Facebook—or conversely, all of your social networks—you’re in charge of that.

Then, because Knock Knock shows you everyone around you who is also using the app, you can easily approach them with a “knock” and start messaging if they knock back—sort of like a professional version of Tinder. “There is less friction and less issues to just say hi,” notes Jain.

Ankur Jain, Co-Founder of Knock Knock and one of Forbes 30 Under 30

Photo: Courtesy of Ankur Jain/Knock Knock

Although the dating implications were unexpected by Jain, he loves this side effect. In fact, he’s currently focusing on bringing Knock Knock to college campuses, which is pretty much ground zero for people looking to hook up. “Social nuances are emphasized and amplified on campuses,” he says. “Students are using it when they show up at parties and they can instantly see who is at the party, where their friends are and the girls they want to meet.”

Whether you use Knock Knock to score or as a digital Rolodex, Jain is just happy to see people connect. “We are in this world where we sit in public places and hide behind our screens,” he laments. “Knock Knock can add that magic back to the act of meeting people, making it fun again. I believe we can build relationships through technology.”

Want to learn more about how to use the app? Check out the video below and let Sophia Bush explain it to you.