“Knights of the Jedi” Religion Hits Its Stride

Jessica Rubin

We might have Christmas trees and menorahs on the mind, but there’s a new religion gaining momentum in the Czech Republic: believers in the “Knights of the Jedi.”

That’s right folks, the Star Wars moral code was listed by 15,000 people in a recent Czech census, according to Hollywood Reporter. And the majority of these citizens lived in the country’s popular capital, Prague, which is famous for its Catholic Cathedral, the most important church in the Czech Repulic.

The Czech statistical office seems to be understanding of this small, but growing, religious preference, saying: “It’s not up to the statisticians to say what is or is not a religion.” And the burgeoning identification with the Jedi religion is not confined to the Czech Republic. 21,000 Canadians and 53,000 New Zealanders chose “Knights of the Jedi” in a 2001 census.

So grab your light sabers, ’cause George Lucas‘ box office hit turned cultural phenomenon is here to stay.