How 20 Fashion Girls Wear Knee-High Socks

Kristen Bousquet
How 20 Fashion Girls Wear Knee-High Socks
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Thanks to the beast that is pop culture, anything even remotely resembling a schoolgirl uniform has been fetishized (thanks, Britney Spears and creepy porn videos.) The fact remains, however, that certain aspects of classic school uniforms are quite on-trend—especially knee-high socks and those that creep up toward the thigh. And guess what? It’s absolutely possible to pull off the trend and still look like a class act.

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For example, don’t choose a skirt that’s too short or heels that are too high, and keep the top half of your outfit fairly conservative.

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To show you how to perfectly style knee-high socks this season, we’ve rounded up 20 definitive fashion girls, so click through for some inspiration!