KMart Gets on Fashion Blogger Bandwagon, Are You Over It?

Kerry Pieri
KMart Gets on Fashion Blogger Bandwagon, Are You Over It?
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I love imagining the overpaid consultants who go to the corporate office parks of multi-million (billion?) dollar companies like KMart and Kohl’s and Walmart and get paid the big bucks to say things like, “We should cast a fashion blogger in our next marketing campaign because it’s such a new and original idea.” And then everyone at the Ikea conference table is so impressed by this savvy, forward thinker, and they pat themselves on the back for hiring them in the first place.

Flash to: KMart’s new endeavor featuring Christina of Trop Rouge. Of the consulting firm who spearheaded the new endeavor, Tara Poseley, senior vice president and president of Kmart apparel at Sears Holdings Corp told WWD,We felt [PMH] understood style and fashion and were creative out-of-the-box thinkers. We want to get out the message that we have amazing fashion. Hah, out of the box thinkers, I missed that one.

The ads also feature real people wearing Kmart fashions of their choice. Honestly, the ads look cute, the kids are cute, Christina is so cute but are you over having mass brands appeal to you by hiring fashion bloggers? Or is it working?

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