Kitten Heel Boots Are This Season’s Most Underrated Shoe

Kitten Heel Boots Are This Season’s Most Underrated Shoe
Photo: Allison Kahler.

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Everyone knows the best way to kick off a new season is in a killer pair of shoes. And since the next season rounding the bend is winter, we’ve decided the best shoes for the job are boots. Because, well, it’s cold outside. Do we really need more of a reason than that?

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We’re big boot people here at StyleCaster—and by that we mean we love boots, not that we exclusively love big boots. (Though they definitely have a place in our hearts.)

Ankle boots, stiletto boots and over-the-knee boots have dominated our wardrobes over the last few years, but there’s a new boot on our radar for 2018, and it’s absolutely imperative that you know about it.

We’ll give you a hint: It’s got whiskers.

OK, it doesn’t actually have whiskers. But it is a kitten…heel. (We promise to bring a new sense of humor to 2019. We’re just tired.)

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Kitten heels, which thoroughly pervaded the style scene this summer, are back in a new iteration this cold-weather season: They’re boots. And kitten heel boots offer all the comfort of standard kitten heels—with a little winter flair.

They’ll add some much-needed weight to any outfit, complement even the daintiest of holiday dresses and keep your feet warm in the process. Win/win? We certainly think so.

Ahead, you’ll find 17 pairs of kitten heel boots we’ve already fallen madly in love with. Equal parts chic and practical, the kitten heel boot is the statement staple literally everyone needs this winter—stock up.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Gwen Stretch Glove Boot

Urban Outfitters.

Gwen Stretch Glove Boot, $39 at Urban Outfitters

These kitten heels are simple and classic. You can wear them anywhere (brunch, shopping, work) and with anything (jeans, slip dress, trench coat). The limit does not exist.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Kizzy Kitten Heel Boot

Free People.

Kizzy Kitten Heel Boot, $70 at Free People

These booties are sure to put some pep in your step. At the least, they’re so damn shiny they’ll make you look like there’s pep in your step.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Eri Kitten Heel Bootie

Alexander Wang.

Eri Kitten Heel Bootie, $795 at Alexander Wang

Somewhere between classic and edgy, these booties will last you a lifetime—but they’re sure to elevate your outfit from below-freezing to totally haute.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Logo Sock Bootie


Miu Miu Logo Sock Bootie, $790 at Nordstrom

We doubt you’ll be walking on any grass, but on the off-chance you do, this heel definitely won’t get stuck in it.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Sayres Glitter Sock Boots

Saks Fifth Avenue.

Rebecca Minkoff Sayres Glitter Sock Boots, $178 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Are you a disco queen? A winter warrior? Who knows? We can’t think straight, because we’re blinded by these truly stunning boots.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Georgina Studded Bootie


Tory Burch Georgina Studded Bootie, $333,66 at Nordstrom

If you can’t see your own reflection in the studs on your kitten heels, they’re not big enough.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | AMAEDIP Printed Kitten Heel Ankle Boots

Ted Baker London.

AMAEDIP Printed Kitten Heel Ankle Boots, $230 at Ted Baker London

If kitten heel booties were the Royal Family, these would be Kate Middleton.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Nuria Sock Bootie


Splendid Nuria Sock Bootie, $117.60 at Nordstrom

Is she sock, or is she bootie? We don’t know, but we want, like, 12 pairs.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Kassidy Kitten Heel Stretch Bootie

Loeffler Randall.

Kassidy Kitten Heel Stretch Bootie, $395 at Loeffler Randall

There’s no such thing as too chic, and these kitten heel boots prove it.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Season 7 Knee High Boot 70MM


Yeezy Season 7 Knee High Boot 70MM, $615 at Revolve

Why is it that Kanye West—of all people—is making the shoe of our dreams?

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | BETTISP Knit Sock Bootie

Donald Pliner.

BETTISP Knit Sock Bootie, $178 at Donald Pliner

She is beauty, she is grace, and if she’s not on our doorstep in approximately 10 minutes we’re calling the police.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Mia Camilla Bootie


Mia Camilla Bootie, $44.98 at DSW

It’s like camouflage, but specifically made for gorgeous people.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Rockoko Pointy Toe Bootie


Rockoko Pointy Toe Bootie, $990 at Nordstrom

The perfect combo of kitten heel boots and logomania.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Kittie 50 Bootie

Alexandre Birman.

Kittie 50 Bootie, $1,150 at Alexandre Birman

Because you’ve officially graduated from cheetah print, and moved onto something a tad more sophisticated.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Germany Boot

Jeffrey Campbell.

Germany Boot, $210 at Jeffrey Campbell

There’s nothing Jeffrey Campbell makes that we don’t want—this kitten heel is no exception.

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Lexi Heel Boot

Free People.

Lexi Heel Boot, $178 at Free People

NYE, anyone?

STYLECASTER | Kitten Heel Boots | Adora Embellished Bootie


Charles David Adora Embellished Bootie, $219.95 at Nordstrom

If this boot were a human, it would definitely be that trendy girl in the thrift store we’re always jealous of—you know who we mean.