Kirsten Dunst Naked, With Lion for Bulgari

Kirsten Dunst Naked, With Lion for Bulgari
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We haven’t seen much of Kirsten Dunst for some time. Last movie I know that she’s been in was How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, but honestly, who even saw that? Now she’s suddenly back on our radar with her recent Boy. by Band Of Outsiders ad campaign and as the face of Bulgari’s Mon Jasmin Noir fragrance. After the latest behind-the-scenes peek at her Bulgari photo shoot I can now officially retract my opening statement: we are seeing much, much more of Miss Dunst. Literally.

Posing alongside a lion (Okay, so the one actually next to her isn’t live but there was a real lion on set. Photoshop, maybe?), the actress isn’t wearing much of anything save for a bit of sparkly bling and sheer fabric. Good thing that bottle of Mon Jasmin Noir is so big!

I must say though, if nothing else, these pictures definitely make me want to make the trip to Nordstrom and at least sniff the new scent on one of those little paper strips.

Click through for a lot more Kirsten Dunst than you may have ever wanted… She is photoshopped to within an inch of her life though, so it’s definitely not the whole naked story.