Kings of Leon Play Lollapalooza


I’ve stated my position on Kings of Leon before: I personally don’t “get” their hype but I “get” why people enjoy their music. I actually originally assumed Kings of Leon was a Christian rock band… Don’t know where that one came from. However, the band did win a Grammy for their song “Sex on Fire” off their album “Only by the Night,” so they’re not doing half bad for themselves. They also played Lollapalooza this weekend.

The sing-a-long rocker aspect is engaging to listeners. The guitar riffs and the alt-rock sound fronted by country vocals makes Kings of Leon appealing to a vast array of audiences. However, the fans who throw their energy into the musical mix are the reason why their shows are engaging and contagious. While the band themselves seemed less than enthusiastic about playing at Lollapalooza, the crowd immersed itself in the sound and danced with great vigor. Kings of Leon’s sound was designed to connect festival audiences who wanted to just dance.

Kings of Leon are scheduled to perform at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alabama on August 12th.

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