Kimberly Ovitz’s Biggest Tip for Aspiring Designers

Designer Kimberly Ovitz’s sexy, no-frills approach to dressing has earned her respect from both New York editors and Hollywood celebrities. She recently sat down with The Unexpected Insider, Orly Shani, to discuss her latest collection and her affection for one wardrobe staple in particular—the perfect T-shirt (watch the video here!).

Here, the designer offers more insight into how she feels about her own success, as well as her biggest tip for aspiring young designers looking to make a career in fashion.

StyleCaster: What was the moment when you knew you’d “made it”?
Kimberly Ovitz: I still haven’t made it and I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way. People never stop growing and evolving. If you have made it—there’s nothing to look forward to!

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received from a mentor or a friend?
Always stay humble, and never give up.

What advice would you give an aspiring designer about how to actually make it work as a career? 
Learn the business side hands-down.

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